Izzy Ruiz
Reporting from New York, NY | izzy@therunwayreport.com
Victoria Martinez

Before I was introduced to Victoria Martinez I was told "you're gonna love her, she’s into fashion like you." Simple words but they carry a lot of weight. First of all, I'm not "into fashion", more as this is my life – and such is it for Victoria. She immediately made an impression on me. Pumping Chanel aviators, she blessed me with fashion's customary double cheeked bisous. After a thorough once over I was won over by her fierce Pat Benatar meets Vidal Sassoon shag and flirty, ruffle trim bikini in a minimal modern shade of taupe. She was giving me Iris Chacón meets Debbie Harry for drinks at Downstairs. After taking me to a fabulous brunch in her neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn we got to chatting about fashion and style as our feet cooled off in a kiddie pool on the roof of the Rocket Factory.

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Luke Carter
Reporting from San Francisco, CA | luke@therunwayreport.com
Vouge Brasil
Cover of Vogue Brazil, http://www.cartaeditorial.com.br/

The up and coming Brazilian models hitting an editorial near you!

Nathalie Edembug, Daniela Borges, Claudia Seiler, Luana Teifke, and Luiza Winberg.

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Jonathan Federico
Reporting from New York, NY | jonathan@therunwayreport.com

Many recording artists use fashion to express their message and image beyond what they produce musically. Consequently, designers have concerts and music videos as a great forum to showcase their latest work. Some artists choose fashion to support an artistic vision and others tastelessly use it to showcase their wealth and success. In the end, it all comes down to taste.

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Izzy Ruiz
Reporting from New York, NY | izzy@therunwayreport.com

By now the days are longer and the nights are warmer. Bare skin seeps through permeable fabrics and in the gritty metropolis that is New York City you actually catch a glimpse of a smile. It’s Spring and Mama Nature is sprinkling cues everywhere that tis the season to bloom. Dance cards (or our modern take on it – the Blackberry) are filling up as we dust off strappy sandals and soft leather slip ons and get ready for this danse de printemps. This fare time of year is all about attracting, relating, consummating. Now there are many ways to do that – to attract that is – and what may be the most common yet most expressive and unique ways to do that is with color. From the sensual red of an amapola flower (that’s hibiscus in this country) to the lush lavender of freesia, color lures and attracts – literally. With our visual sensors in overload this time of year one doesn’t need to spend a moment in Times Square (and with repugnant tourists clamoring about who wants to) to appreciate bright, bold, glittering colors fluttering about.

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Jonathan Federico
Reporting from New York, NY | jonathan@therunwayreport.com

Glasses by Tom Ford, Persol

They are the everlasting statement associated with being cool. Sunglasses. And while they will forever be immortalized on iconic figures such as James Dean and Karl Largafeld, sunglasses can also have damaging negative effect, essentially making the person in case look like a tool.

As of late, the fashion world has really embraced this accessory in a myriad of forms and colors. Although oversized frames have been the most popular look, classic demure styles seem to be becoming more prevalent. (as seen with the recent popularity of brands like Ray Ban and Persol)

With so many choices it can be difficult to chose just the right pair. Here are some guidelines I follow, ensuring I have just the right pair to go with my look of the day.

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Luke Carter
Reporting from San Francisco, CA | luke@therunwayreport.com

Your Music Your Life Holster, http://www.ymylholster.com/

Every time a person leaves their house, he or she leaves with the essentials. This usually comprises keys, phone, identification and at the least two forms of payment. If you were born after the year 1980, this also includes an iPod (or iPhone).  How these items are carried ranges from purses, briefcases and pocket.
Subsequently, how they are organized throughout the day can get very hairy.  When you're online paying for your Chai Latte or Gucci slip ons on sale at the Barney's Warehouse and you can't find that damn wallet you can feel the hot breath of the lady (or female) behind you.

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Gucci Heel
Dear Izzy, i just started a new job and i've been wearing designer shoes almost every day. i get fabulous compliments (particularly on this gucci number i just picked up in florence...i must send a photo). basically i am not sure i can keep up the fabulosity...any ideas on how i can continue to bring the fire without going BROKE!!!!???? jj

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Dossier Bag
I just bought this bag from I Heart in New York City. It was featured on coolhunting.com and I had to have it! Jill at I Heart was nice enough to ship it to me in CA. Thanks Jill!

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I just got an email that
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