Getting Started.

Inside of Honey there's a handy Getting Started Group. Head there to get your bearings.

All about Groups.

Honey is divided into groups (simliar to channels). Each group can have further subdivisions called topics. These are interchangable. If lots of posts are being submitted in
"Epic Social (group) / Funny (topic)", we can promote the "Funny" topic to it's own group.

The groups so far are:

EPIC Social
A place for everything EPIC shares.

The official place for questions.

A place for official news from MAJAK. Only MAJAK will be able to post to this group.

Have an idea? Here's the place to pitch it. Posts can be 'liked' and sorted by popularity.

And.. what else? I'd love your feedback. One thing the Honey team advised is to avoid mirrioring the organizational chart. We can swap groups for topics as needed, and vice versa. The idea is to discuss ideas, updates and even gripes outside of email or slack.

Lots of other features are available including Slack Integration, Automatic Posts via RSS feeds and Private Groups. I look forward to piloting Honey with EPIC! Less email FTW!