Step 1

Go to
and find the
Honey icon.

Select 'never' when it asks for
frequency of email notifications.

Step 2

After you log in,
add a profile photo.

Step 3

Next, join
some groups.

Step 4

Make a post in the social group to try it out!

Honey in one sentence

A place for people to chat about stuff without disrupting or bothering other work channels.

More details

  • A place to share and converse about non-critical subjects.
  • If a user never logs in, they will not miss important updates -- as long as you have an account where the "all-broadacast" e-mails can reach you. Think of it as a substitute for design@.
  • Slack and Email remain the official communication channels for priority announcements and day to day communication.
  • Honey can be used as a place to archive announcements, if desired, but is not the main goal.
  • Using Honey is not required
  • It beneficial to create an account regardless, in case a user @mentions you specifically.
  • It is encouraged to disable all email notifications so users who do not desire to use the tool will not be notified of any activity.

But, why do we need this when we have Slack?

Slack is great for instant communication. It's not great for discussions over time.

Honey will be a place to discuss, share and whatever else at your leisure.

eh... Do I have to? It's one more thing...

Go ahead and signup - and then never look back. You never have to log in again if you don't want to.

Important announcements will be 'force broadcasted' via e-mail. Only admins will have this power and only for announcements that are crictial. You won't miss any high priority items if you prefer not to use the tool.

Bonus! Everything that goes into Honey... will not be in Slack or Email - making those channels lighter :)

How do these groups work?

Groups are divided by subject matter, instead of by team. The initial groups are:

Getting Started
A place to find tutorials on how to use Honey. It's pretty simple.

Important annoucements from our leadership can be posted here. This group can only be posted to by a member MAJAK – and it's a required group.

Similiar to social spam.
Inside of each group, topics can be created to further subdivide content. If one topic becomes popular, it can be migrated to a group of it's own, and vice versa

A place for questions!

A place for ideas. Get feedback and let's figure it out together!

News and Updates
A place for team announcements - from someone joining the team or an AIR-a-versary! (sp?)

Real Talk
A place for discussions of a more serious nature. If something is going on, let's talk about it here.

Shareouts / FAQ
A place to share knowledge and learnings.

It's a pilot.

Let's try this out. And by that I mean making some posts. Honey is a great tool and it will make your life better!

Thank you!!!



More details below.

More details

Need more clarification on what could fit in Honey (versus email/slack)? Check out the presentation below.